October 16, 2012

October 2012 myglam (Ipsy) Glam Bag

Received my Glam Bag in the mail yesterday. It came with a lot of stuff, but I was most excited about the cute bag... and the hair treatment. The rest were meh in my opinion. Here are the contents:

The cute bag!

The stuff that came with it: Coastal Scents eyeshadow quad Set #1, be a bombshell cosmetics eye liner in onyx (0.1 fl. oz.), Pequi Oil Treatment (0.5 fl. oz.), mirenesse Lip Bomb Mirror Me glossy lacquer stain, and finally, theBalm What's Your Type? Black Mascara.

Here's the Coastal Scents eyeshadow. I got Set 1, which contains Cloud White, Paris Green, Reef Blue, and Thunderous. These are definitely not colors I like to wear. The Paris Green could look nice as an accent eyeliner under the eye. Cloud White just looks super chalky to me. Since I know I won't get much mileage out of these, I gave it to a friend who wears more bright colors. I know a lot of people like Coastal Scents eyeshadows because they come in so many colors and is super affordable, but I am a little wary of it. I try to stay away from cheap cosmetics made in China.

Next up is the be a bombshell eyeliner in onyx. It looks like another black marker / sharpie. I got a similar eyeliner in my June Glam Bag - the Marbella eyeliner. The Marbella one had a finer tip, but I didn't feel like I needed another marker type eyeliner. The ingredients are water, stuff I can't pronounce, stuff I can't pronounce, something acid, and black iron oxide. Made in China.

Then we have the theBalm mascara. Very minor clumping issues but generally a solid mascara. Doesn't lengthen but does seem to thicken. It doesn't leave my lashes super stuff like some other ones do. This product I will use for sure.

The product I dislike the most is the mirenesse Lip Bomb. It's thick and goopy and smells like plastic. No wonder they call it a lacquer stain. Don't get me wrong, I like lip stains, but not goopy ones. The texture might work for someone else, but it definitely doesn't work for me no matter how nice the color looks.

Last and probably the most exciting product in the bunch is the Pequi oil treatment for hair. I says you can use it before blow dry etc, but I would probably use it after styling to add some healthy sheen to my hair. Ingredients include jojoba esters, sunflower seed oil, and a bunch of stuff I can't pronounce. Good enough for me.

Conclusion: So I'm overall underwhelmed by this month's bag even though there appears to be a lot in the bag. I feel like the brands aren't that great. After 5 months of sampling the Glam Bag I decided to cancel it. I'm still keeping my Birchbox because they do provide higher end samples, and there is a lot more variety in their boxes. I did enjoy Glam Bag while it lasted, and a little sad to cancel, but I think I'll save the $10 every month and use it on something else I want. I do wish Ipsy the best, because they are doing a good thing here, just that the products don't fit my profile as much. Maybe I'll try a different box like Allure's Sample Society for $15. We shall see.

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