September 26, 2012

Thoughts On Quarter Life Crisis

Don't know what to do with your life? Not sure if you've chosen the right career path? The weight of the future is upon your shoulders? Your friends are getting married left and right and you're unsure of your relationship? Stuck in a rut and in need of a change? They call it "quarter life crisis" because it usually happens to people in their mid-20s - people who just got out of college, or have spent a few years in the "real world". Quarter life crisis is not fun, but when you overcome it, you gain a new found happiness and perspective on life.

A lot of my close friends are in their 20-somethings, and in the past few months, a lot of them have been going through relationship struggles leading to breakups. In pretty much all cases it was the right decision. But why the sudden surge of breakups? I think people at this age start to be more honest with themselves and strive to know themselves better. They figure out what they want in life and in a relationship, and start to not want to settle for less. They realize that things shouldn't just be "okay", they should be, and can be great. At that point they look at their current relationship and decide that they need change.

It's the same thing with work as it is with relationships. When you're stuck in a rut and you dread going to work everyday, something is wrong. Sure, your income might be steady, but is it what you want to do? It's never too late to switch careers if that's what you want to do. Find another job, look into starting your own business. Something. Switch it up and make it work for you. Don't settle or you'll never improve.

I think getting through quarter life crisis is to be really honest with yourself. Figure out what you really want and what you should improve. Know yourself better. Things that you wanted to work before may not actually work, and you must not be afraid to change things. Inertia holds us back a lot, and it also keeps you from being happy. People believe in the things they want to believe in because their subconscious minds tell them so. Just take a step back and reflect upon your relationship and career. Are things really working out for you, or is it time for a change? Your mid 20s to early 30s are your prime years. Take some risks and liberate yourself.

(Totally ripped off the first world problems meme girl for this post. I don't even know who to credit.)

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