April 27, 2012

Rethink The Way You Snack

Mindless snacking is very common and it's a huge cause of weight gain. When I say snacks I'm referring to prepackaged junk food like chips, cookies and candy. It is fine to give in to your favorite treats once in a while, but when you do, remember this:

Snacks that come in small individual-sized bags are not necessarily your friend. 

These bags may be convenient but it can cause you to snack more than you need to. The next time you pick up a small "harmless" bag of Raisinettes, Cheetos, or what have you, pour out the contents onto a flat surface, and you'll notice it's probably more than what you should be snacking on in one sitting. Snacking straight out of the packaging, you subconsciously feel the need to finish everything thinking it's one portion, when in fact most of these snack bags contain more than one suggested serving size. Rethink the way you snack and don't eat more junk than you need to. Don't think of individual-sized bags as one serving. Read the labels. Be careful of mindless snacking. Actually, if you can, try to avoid junk snacks and eat smaller healthy meals more frequently.


  1. well said and agreed!!!

  2. Geisel Crow9:14 PM

    Get away from my cheetos!!!!