April 15, 2012

Not Exercising? What's Your Excuse?

Everyone knows the benefit of exercise. Yet many people can't find the motivation to do it. Why is that?

When people ask me where I find the motivation to workout everyday. I simply answer, "look in the mirror."

It almost sounds insensitive to say that, but if you think about it, it makes sense. You either:

1) dislike what you see, in which case you'll want to do something to change it.
2) start seeing positive changes, so you'll want to stick with it and achieve your goal.
3) like what you see, therefore you'll work hard to maintain your results.

I've been working out really hard almost everyday for the past two years doing a variety of at-home exercises - P90X and Insanity mainly, but I've mixed in Brazil Butt Lift, 10 Minute Trainer etc. to make things interesting. They work and I love the results, but I'd typically spend an average of 1 hour everyday to exercise. That's a long time to cut out of your busy schedule. I understand that not everyone can afford losing an hour everyday. I did, but I sacrificed sleep for it.

Nowadays I switched to exercising only 15 minutes a day doing super intense workouts. I follow Zuzana (previous host on Bodyrock.tv) on YouTube and her ZWOW workouts (Zuzana's Workout of the Week) closely. They are tough, but very effective, and they are short and sweet. I get an extra hour of sleep everyday and I feel stronger and more energized. I highly recommend it!

Some days I feel lazy too and just want to skip my workout, but I know it only lasts 15 minutes, so I always convince myself to push through. It's a mini victory everyday.

Do it to improve yourself and have a better quality of life. Exercise gives you much more energy so you don't feel as tired throughout the day. You'll be happier and you'll feel good about yourself. It's addicting. In the amount of time it takes for you to travel to your local gym you could have already completed your workout - in the comfort of your home. Also, it's so rewarding when you start seeing results, and it doesn't take long if you stick with it. A month or two perhaps?

Make exercise a priority. You make time to eat and sleep everyday, so why not make time for exercise? It is just as important. Stop making little excuses. "There's no time." "I can't." "I'll do it tomorrow." You're never too fat, too late, too depressed, too busy... Stop being lazy. If you can't motivate yourself, surround yourself with people with good habits. Find a buddy to motivate you. Heck, talk to me. I'll keep you in check.

What's your excuse? He did it:

Trust me, 15 minutes a day is all you need. Make a change.

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  1. Nice post on 'Not exercising, what's your excuse!' Love it, totally spot on!!! If HE can do it, WHY NOT YOU!?