April 18, 2012

Derek Ryan ft. Charmy - Reborn Lyrics

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Illusion was my home
The search that never ends
Numb to the sights and sounds
Locked far away in fear
No one would find me there, no
My fortress from the world
But how could I have known
Your eyes could see right through 
I am reborn
Shattering the walls I've built up
Letting in the light
I am reborn
Fueled by the fires of your love
Banishing the dark 
Lifted from my abyss
Awakened and uncaged
Let wings I've never known
Carry me away, away
Across the skies I journey
Cut contrails through the lies
Behind your veil of shadows
My eyes see only you 
I am reborn
Mirages of a world corrupt
Cast into the dark
I am reborn
Fueled by the fires of your love
Cradled in the light

These lyrics are near and dear to my heart, inspired by my husband.

Derek Ryan ft. Charmy - Reborn, out on Dirt, Lies & Audio Recordings.

Original Mix release date April 18, 2012. Aerial Structures Chillout Mix release date May 7, 2012. jjoo Mix out May 23, 2012. More to come.

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