July 31, 2011

Password Rant

I hate sites that put in all these stupid restrictions when it comes to password creation. It's my password for login. Why do you care if I want to exceed 20 characters? Why must I have at least 1 "special" character, at least 4 alpha characters, 1 capitalized, 1 numeric character, 3-20 characters long? What difference does it make to you? It would be my fault for using an easy-to-crack password like "1234" and have my account hacked. My fault. Really, I should be able to pick whatever password I want without having you dictate how "complicated" my password should be.

Now every time I visit your site I have to click your "forgot password?" link. It's your fault for putting all these stupid restrictions on my password. You send me a temporary password email and have me create a new password, except you don't let me create a password that matches my old forgotten password. I make up a new password and the cycle starts again. I exhaust all my potential passwords until I don't give an eff about it. Everyone loses. Time is wasted. Nothing good comes out of it.

Stop putting restrictions on my passwords. Let me have control over my privacy. Is that too much to ask?

(I'm looking at you, DMV. You prompted this post.)


  1. As much as I would like to agree with you on this rant, something as simple as a password, this issue is a lot more complex as it seems here. You're an intelligent person, unfortunately you represent only 2-3% of internet users that aren't complete dumbasses. While these websites are easy to blame, the 97% of the internet dumbasses are really to blame. These are the people that get their accounts hacked and their lives ruined, and instead of saying, "Hey, I should've known a little bit better, the internet isn't as safe as I thought," they instead say, "Hey, my life is ruined, and it's this website's fault! They should've had better security options to protect my dumb ass!" And that is where good old fashioned litigation comes in. They sue the company behind the website, the company loses money in legal and investigatory fees, and the company may or may not settle out of court with the plaintiff in the end. When all is said and done, everyone loses, time is wasted, and nothing good comes out of it. Websites then begin instituting these password restrictions that begin to inconvenience others to avoid incurring the legal wrath of these internet dumbasses. I'd rather have this security "nuisance" instead of having some dumbass ruin my favorite website.

  2. Oh yes you are right and sometimes it is a kind of looking strange that even ebay knows what you have searched on google i.e.
    they make suggestions according to your search and who knows - there will be one person having all info on you.

    cheers charmy.

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  3. Calvin, I do see your point. Not all users are very internet-saavy, unfortunately.

  4. Holy shit, your timing is impeccable: