July 7, 2011

Just Cause It's Called a Salad

... doesn't mean it's all that healthy.

Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, crispy chicken, bacon, and candied walnuts on top of a little bit of mixed greens, served with buttermilk ranch dressing. That's called a salad too. And it's easily 1000+ calories.

A lot of things sound good but are not necessarily good for you. The converse is also true. You can have healthy pizza - it's all about using the right ingredients.

Don't be fooled by seemingly healthy labels: fat-free, organic, no sugar added, low sodium, etc. Yes, these labels all make a product sound like they're better for you, but some might still contain a lot of other less-desirable substances. For example, nonfat frozen yogurt could still contains a ton of sugar. Organic potato chips are still soaked in oil and fried. Just because something is organic doesn't mean there are fewer calories. Seems so obvious, but people subconsciously think otherwise.

Be aware of what you consume. Don't let gimmicky marketing fool you. Don't go having a tub of organic ice-cream and think good things will come of it.


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Damn that salad I ate today!!!

  2. the one that annoys me is "vegetarian" or "gluten-free" put on something to make it seem healthy for you and to make you buy it. there was a gluten-free logo on some tea i bought. UM, THERE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE GLUTEN IN THERE.

  3. LOL @Chloe. Gluten-free tea. Good one, marketing peeps.

  4. Rasheed10:50 PM

    I always get my salad with all the greens and veggies, no dressing. If I wanted something unhealthy I'd enjoy myself more by eating a huge burrito or burger. Never understood the point of those unhealthy salads people make. Just eat something that tastes way better and enjoy the fact that you are eating unhealthy if you are gonna do that.

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