July 20, 2011

How To Sign In To Multiple Gmail Accounts In The Same Browser

Google recently migrated all accounts to their new Google Apps service. If your work email is powered by Google, prior to the change, you were able to sign into your personal Gmail and your work email at the same time in the same browser. Now in order to do that, simply follow these few steps to prevent one account from logging you out of the other.

1. Sign into your personal or primary Google account like you normally would. This would be the account you'd use for G+, Reader, Blogger etc.

2. Go to http://www.google.com/accounts and click Edit under Multiple sign-in.

3. Select On and check all the boxes, then click Save.

4. Refresh or sign back into your primary account, click your user picture and click on Switch Account.

5. Click Sign in to another account..., then sign into your other (work) email. Done.


  1. Thanks for this as well. I had trouble navigating at first, but now, I know better on using multiple accounts in gmail.