June 16, 2011

Zombie Nation: America's Dependence On Caffeine

Whatever happened to plain old willpower? Or a power nap?

I wouldn't quite call it a culture shock, but one of the things I noticed about Americans when I first came to the States is their reliance on caffeinated drinks. Not just plain old coffee, but coffee with a heaps of sugar, or crap like Monster, Redbull, 5 Hour Energy and the like. Didn't LeBron recently introduce caffeine-loaded Energy Strips? Seriously, why do we need this crap?

In this day and age people work so hard and push their bodies beyond their limits. Everyone knows how important sleep is, but somehow everyone seems to be getting less and less these days. They then try to compensate by downing caffeinated drinks.

People have gotten so used to relying on caffeine to get through their day-to-day routines. Gotta start the morning with an extra large coffee! Then an after lunch coffee to fight that food coma. A 3pm coffee to get through the rest of the work day. Throw in some caffeinated soda in between. You get college kids who down several Redbulls to pull an all-nighter before finals. Isn't that a bit excessive? And it's not just coffee we're talking about. I've seen people dump in 5-8 packs of sugar and lots of creamer into their drinks. That can't be good for you. Diabetes. Hello?

You don't need all this caffeine. It has become such a routine for people that they don't stop and try to reduce their intake. I'm not saying caffeine is bad for you, but an excessive amount is. Try using alternative methods to stay awake. Listen to some pounding beats or drink more water so you get up and use the bathroom more often. Use your willpower. Do some jumping jacks. How about using those precious minutes spent brewing coffee or walking to your local Starbucks for a power nap?

Actually, if possible, maintain good sleeping habits and stop messing with your body's natural cycle with these stimulants.

Oh, and drink lots of water.

Image source: Taj Pharmaceuticals


  1. I actually don't drink caffeine much at all. I will have a soda once in a Blue Moon and some caffeinated tea every once in awhile, but mostly I drink caffeine free tea. I do get a gooood amount of sleep every single night though or else I'm useless. :)

  2. Which is why you never come to EDM nights during weeknights! Doh. (: Just playing. Sleep is good!

  3. sleep deprivation is a commonplace occurrence nowadays. You are right, one factor is taking too much caffeine. More and more people rely on caffeine.