June 15, 2011

Is Facebook Too Big to Fail?


Or at least I hope the answer is no.

It's no secret that I'm not so fond of Facebook. My contempt for Facebook started right around that time they did their redesign. "Which?" you ask. Well, just pick one of those countless iterations.

Recent numbers suggest Facebook growth has finally slowed, especially considering US traffic. It is still backed by strong international growth, but eventually that's going to slow down. Another report indicates a loss of 6 million users in May 2011 in the US. Now this statistic is really suggesting something. Why are so many people unregistering?

Facebook is really pissing off a lot of users by being so intrusive and omnipresent. Perhaps some people don't care when others tag a photo of them and their puking intoxicated face from last Friday's party. Maybe you want to show up on your mom's feed that you are at some local strip club with 4 other dudes. While you have the options to go to your privacy settings and turn these all off, a lot of people don't, or don't know how to. There is so much noise and spam and phishing links that show up on your feed. Here's a video of a man who took a picture of himself everyday for the past 8 years. Really? Dad walks in on daughter doing blah. Really?? Stupid people click on these stupid links, causing it to auto-post to your wall, saying you Like the link, then more of your stupid friends click on them. No thank you. I don't need to consume that type of content.

Nowadays a lot of websites have Facebook widgets and plug-ins that show who of your friends Liked a post or are fans of the website. How do you feel to have your face pop up everywhere on someone else's view? Do you want the whole wide world to know someone else checked you in at a restaurant? Most people have hundreds if not thousands of friends on Facebook and they don't all need to know what I'm up to, what pages I like and what sites I read. It's too much and it's creepy.

Facebook used to be about connecting a close-knit group of friends you know in real life. That line is blurred and it has become so diluted. With all these external apps it really clutters up the site. Yes I hide all those Farmville and Cafe Blah City feed items, but every time I see a new one, it just pisses me off.

I know there are many others who share my view and can't wait till Diaspora, Altly, or some other social media sites launch. I'm waiting eagerly to get my invites and start exploring other options. Look how volatile the Internet space is. One day you're hot, the next day you get replaced. Friendster, MySpace, and eventually Facebook will eventually be so yesterday. Eventually Facebook will piss off enough users and it will fail.

It will fail.

Sources: Mashable, NPR, Boston Herald


  1. Rasheed12:12 PM

    I don't think it's too big to fail, but I do think because it's so big, the failure will be a long and slow onve over the next 5 years, rather than anything sudden. It took me a lot of oconvincing to tell people that used MySpace to just quit it and sign up for facebook - took some of them 2 or 3 years. I expect the same of these new ones but only if they are good, so all hope rests in the developers of Diaspora and the others.

  2. Agree with you Rasheed. It will be a slow process.